Worldwide, there are up to 463 million adults with Type I and Type II diabetes. Another 374 million are at increased risk of developing Type II diabetes. Generally, for one of 11 persons worldwide measuring of glucose level is essential. Furthermore, every second case of diabetes stays undiagnosed!
Current efficient methods of glucose measurement, such as numerous spot-check methods, work only with physical intervention. Additionally, they produce a huge amount of waste through consumables. We want to change it.

Our goals

We develop a non-invasive wearable glucose monitoring system that allows users tracing the glucose level without physical intervention.

Our technology

The system includes a sensor band and accompanying infrastructure.

Sensor band

The key principle is AI-empowered spectroscopic signal analysis.Comparing to invasive sensors, our system shows a very high accuracy with cross-correlation coefficient around 0.97.


Accompanying infrastructure includes several components. Mobile app provides sensor band settings and usage statistics. Web interface and centralized database will help with data management.